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High School Guidance, LLC, was developed based on the needs of students in the Duval County School System who have been "left behind." We have expanded our services to include ex-offenders, persons receiving Certificates of Completions (COC's), and adults seeking to obtain their High School Diploma at any age. We are advocates for the voiceless and have strong focus on the educational success of all students and specialize in the Foster Care Systems and Juvenile Detention Programs. Many students in foster care and detention centers have fallen behind due to life changes which has in turn cost them academic credits leading to grade retention and increased numbers of student drop outs. This is an "At Risk" population that is not monitored for success just recognized for their failures. This is not a GED Program, we help individuals obtain their High School Diplomas through Nationally and Regionally Accredited Schools.

Our team of educated Professionals are trained to know the promotion and graduation requirements of public school systems and can help adults navigate through various diploma programs which suites their individual needs. We can assist with success plans and are trained to review transcripts to ensure that all credits earned are accurately calculated and reflected on the student's Academic Histories and Transcripts. We are able to find problems and offer families, students, and case workers, etc., solutions by closing the educational gaps between the general population and students being serviced through State Systems who may have run into difficulty in their past.

Our main focus is to ensure that no one is left behind. We assist individuals by explaining the District's educational processes to include promotion and graduation requirements and help to bridge the gap between dropping out and high school completion. Don't settle for a Certificate of Completion or giving up when you could be closer than you think to earning your High School Diploma. We also provide Family Mediation leading to Educational Success as we open communication chanels between parents and students. We are Educational Consultants and Mediators.

The teenage years can be difficult years but do not have to be a life sentence! Get your hope back with our assistance and guidance.

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