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High School Guidance LLC - Educational Consulting

Independent Test Administrator/Proctor

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Certified

Ability-to-Benefit Program (ATB)

Educational Services

- Transcription & Academic History Review

- Family & Education Mediation

- Specializing in finding lost credits

- Academic review based on Promotion &

Graduation requirements

- Conduct Interest Inventories

- College Planning & Tour Recommendations

- Trained to work Foster Care students

Family Mediation

- Design Behavior Contracts

- Create Academic Success Contracts

- Relationship Development

- Bridge Building

- Peer to Peer Mediation

- Parent & Student Mediation

Home Schooling

- Provide Academic Review

- Academic Advisement/Course Selection

- Ensures Promotion and Graduation

requirements are being met

- Advises on District Testing Requirements

- Extra Curricular Activity Advisement


- Foster Care Agencies

- Caregivers/Parents

- Schools

- Train the Trainer in Education

- Educational Consultations 

Adult Educational Services

- We are a post dropout prevention program, meaning it's not to late to obtain your high school diploma. We can use your previous high school credits to help you earn your current high school diploma instead of a GED. - Age Does Not Matter! When it comes to earning your High School Diploma we can still assist.

- We can make referrals to job placement agencies. 

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